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Vote for Republican Alan Sanborn

Meet Alan

Republican Alan Sanborn served in Michigan's State House from 1998-2002. He was elected into the State Senate in 2003 and served the maximum 8 years. During that time, Sanborn was consecutively named "Michigan's Most Conservative Legislator" and was selected by his peers as Assistant President pro tempore.

Sanborn sponsored bills affirming Right to Life legislation, 2nd Amendment rights, less intrusive regulations on small businesses, tax-cuts, and allowing visitation rights to grandparents. After establishing a long record championing the values of Northern Macomb County, in January 2011, Sanborn's term in the Senate officially came to an end. He then returned to his work as a probation officer in the Macomb County Circuit Court, Juvenile Division, a position he had served in for over 20 years prior...
Full Biography
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  • The Right to Life of Michigan Political Action Committee announced their official endorsement of Alan Sanborn (R) in the 10th Congressional District election. Sanborn established a consistent record of defending the rights of the unborn during his nearly 13 years in the State Legislature…